Unlike our normal Shop Manuals, this particular edition addresses a specific chassis and part, the Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ and C-Street legal Koni Struts.

Per the February 2016 Fastrack letter #18376, there's a known issue with replacement struts from Koni, the Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ, and the Street Category rules. Specifically, the factory front strut housing ear's upper mounting holes are of differing diameters forward and aft, while the Koni strut housing ear's upper mounting holes are both the same (larger) diameter. This means that there's slightly more room to adjust camber with the full Koni replacement strut.

Koni has been very responsive to this issue, once it was identified, and now has made available a spacer kit to ensure CS legality. The best part? The spacers are being provided at no cost! If you already have the kit or expecting it, check out the instructional PDF here.

If you run your twin in CS with full replacement struts (this problem obviously does not affect Koni inserts!), give Koni Tech a call at 859-586-4100 and get yours today!

By the way, thanks to Lee Grimes at Koni for the proper part numbers and information!